Why Do You Get Marijuana Munchies?

Marijuana munchies hit hard and fast. Weed and the munchies go together like peanut butter and jelly! Let's explore why cannabis gives people the munchies.

marijuana munchies

We have all been there, sat on cloud nine, feeling good and then it hits you, insane marijuana munchies. You really need something to eat, something tasty, something good, heck, you actually do not care what it is. You just want something in your stomach and you will even consider venturing out of the house to get it. In all seriousness, marijuana does some fantastic things, but it does have a few quirks, side effects if you will. The munchies are one of the more accepted side effects of using marijuana. Here we will look a little deeper into why this happens and why it is actually not a bad thing.

Heightened Senses

No, we are not talking about Spidey sense here, but it has been proven in scientific studies on mice that marijuana targets a few areas of the brain with one of the main topics being the effect on the olfactory bulbs. Basically, you will taste and smell things more when stoned. You will have a slightly heightened sense of smell and taste which makes food all that more appealing.

You will feel like you are really hungry and that is where the term “marijuana munchies” comes from. Of course, many studies have just been done on mice, but anyone who has experienced marijuana munchies for themselves knows that this is true for humans too. So take the opportunity to eat and enjoy having more appreciation for food by having something tasty that you love.

Just make sure you have some food in the house before you get high so you do not have to make that dreaded trip to your local grocery store while feeling super baked.

Great For People Who Do Not Want To Eat!

It’s easy to make fun and laugh about how marijuana makes you want to run to the store at 2 am in the morning to buy a microwave burrito. But the side effect of being hungry can actually be a very good thing and gives some people a better quality of life.

A common thing that cancer patients go through is a real lack of appetite. This is because the thought of eating can make them feel sick. This is bad because they need to eat to keep their strength up. By smoking medicinal marijuana or even by eating cannabis-infused cookies, brownies or whatever else made with cannabutter, patients will start to have their appetite return and can be more receptive to the idea of eating food. Cannabis also helps ease pain and makes people feel good, which is a great thing for people who are suffering from a terrible illness.

Helping those who are going through a really tough time getting their appetite back is a good thing. It’s one reason why feeling hungry should not be seen as a negative side effect.

Wanting To Eat Is Not A Bad Thing!

For cancer patients and other people who use marijuana for medicinal purposes, an increased appetite is a welcome thing. So while it is ok to have a bit of a chuckle about how you have the marijuana munchies. Next time someone tries to tell you that is a bad thing. Let them know there are people out there who can enjoy food and feel better because of this wonderful plant!