The Top 6 Best Paid Cannabis Jobs

The legal cannabis sector is booming! Probable estimations predict that by 2020, there will be more than 250,000 cannabis jobs in the sector. But what pays best?

Cannabis Jobs

The attitude in society towards cannabis, in general, is changing. Which, for those looking for cannabis jobs, can only be a good thing.

If you are considering a job in the cannabis sector, this article will list some of the best-paid cannabis jobs in 2018.

Cannabis Sales Executive

A sales representative in the cannabis industry works just like any other industry. If you want to become a cannabis sales executive, you will need to have extensive knowledge of the products and any associated legislation. On a daily basis, you will handle business relationships with dispensaries, growers, and stores. As with many sales jobs, a hefty proportion of your salary will come from the commission.

A world of opportunity and earnings can be made from this position.

Grow Master

This is probably one of the best positions in the cannabis sector. Cultivation is key. You will be at the helm of creating and cultivating a large volume of different strains of cannabis. Salaries for grow masters are said to be in six figures, but it does require a unique set of skills.

You will need to spend time learning how to grow really good cannabis. The better you are at growing the more you can demand to be paid.

Cannabis Outlet Manager

This is essentially the same post as a store manager in the everyday world. Retailers need to be managed in any sector and this is true for the cannabis industry as well. Superb bonus opportunities also exist for cannabis outlet managers.

Previous management experience will perhaps allow for a quick and easy transition into the cannabis sector.

Extraction Technician

Cannabis no longer comes in just the traditional plant form. Extracts are a huge side-arm and extraction technicians, or “Artists” as they are often called are high in demand. Many of the people who take up these roles have Ph.D.’s and can earn very attractive salaries.

There are in fact many different types of machines which undertake the physical extraction. Skilled individuals are still needed to oversee the quality of the products and ensure it is suitable for sale.

Dispensary Owner

Similar to the job of an outlet manager, a dispensary owner is required to be more au-fait with the regulations and laws where they operate. Business management skills are a must. This is another six-figure salary cannabis job.

Edible’s Chef

Considered to be one of the most creative cannabis jobs available. It’s not just about cooking cannabis, it’s about creating the right blend of cannabis concentrate in the right dose for safe consumption. It is not unheard of for an edible chef in the cannabis sector to earn a six-figure salary.

Fancy yourself as an edible’s chef? Head over to our cannabis edibles section. Remember to upload some images of your cannabis creation once your done.

Where to find cannabis jobs?

There are many websites that advertise cannabis jobs, with more popping up all the time. Although some of the jobs in the cannabis sector are a little out of the ordinary, there are many jobs which can easily transfer from the ‘normal world’ listed here. Just as you would expect with cannabis jobs, there are some which are unique to this sector, such as the growers and trimmers.

If you are looking at cannabis jobs, you can be sure to find a whole world of opportunity in this sector. With reports coming from the US that more jobs are going to be created in cannabis than manufacturing, there is no time like the present to get a job in the cannabis sector.