Mixing AVB With Yogurt

Love experimenting with AVB? Then you should definitely try mixing AVB with yogurt - I did and I think it's totally awesome. Here are some helpful tips.

Mixing AVB with yogurt

More and more people are realizing that they can get a fantastic feeling by simply mixing AVB with some of their favorite foods. Recently I tried mixing AVB with yogurt and I wanted to share my experience with you guys. It’s easy and tasty and takes literally no prep time.

There is no exact science to this, no exact recipe, but to start off, I would suggest that you use around 1g (one gram) of AVB per person. This is usually the agreed amount of AVB when trying something new. Of course, if you feel you can handle more then go for it, but I suggest you start with one gram. Remember when you eat cannabis it can take up to two hours for the effects to kick in so please be patient.

Mixing It With Regular Yogurt

In regards to regular yogurt, we are talking plain yogurt. As yogurt is smooth, I suggest that you really grind it up as finely as you possibly can. You do not want large pieces of bud to be mixed in with the yogurt as it gives it a weird texture. If you grind it up well enough, you will not even really notice it except for the flavor and when it kicks in a short while after.

Mix It With A Corner Yogurt

Those yogurts that have a corner with things like strawberries, peaches or some other kind of fruit work better than plain yogurt because they mask the taste a little better. Try putting the fruit in the yogurt first then mix in your AVB. You can also try those corner yogurts with candies or crunchy chocolate balls, I haven’t tried this but again just make sure you grind your AVB really well. I think fruit corner yogurts would be your best option.

Mix A Pint And Leave It

Some of you may be interested in buying a large carton of yogurt, mixing it with your AVB and leaving it in the fridge so you have a supply that is going to last a few days. Or even better you can share it with friends and get baked together.

To start with you will want to put in more than just one gram of AVB, but do not go crazy! Maybe go to 2 grams per person and just see how it goes. One of the advantages of this kind of a large amount of yogurt is that if you have a blender, you can throw it along with the AVB in and just blast the heck out of it until it is nice and smooth.

If you are going to be mixing AVB with yogurt using one of those large cartons of yogurt, please take care and do not try to use too much AVB. Also when leaving it in the fridge remember to inform flatmates and loved ones that the yogurt has cannabis in it. You wouldn’t want someone getting stoned without realizing it. They may think they need a doctor and they won’t be happy to find out your yogurt got them really high.