How Much Rosin From An Ounce Of Weed?

Rosin dabs have become super popular in the cannabis world recently. The process has been around for a while but thanks to social media it has really caught on in the last couple of years.

Rosin Shatter

To make rosin you just need heat and pressure. As you apply heat and pressure to cannabis you will get a beautiful golden liquid from it. In the most basic extraction, all you need is some cannabis buds, a pair of hair straighteners and piece of parchment paper and your good to go.

The DIY Hair Straightener Method

To get a general idea of how the DIY hair straightener method works you can check out the following article How to Make Weed ‘Dabs’ at home. Once you have that sticky gold substance, you can then just dab it like you would any other concentrate.

The difference with rosin is the flavor you keep from the pressing method. The taste is deemed superior. This is because you do not use any nasty solvents in the process which can taint the concentrate.

How Much Rosin Will I Get?

I have been dabbing rosin for a while and often people ask me the following question:

“How much rosin can I make with an ounce of weed?”

Obviously using hair straighteners is not the most technical way to extract rosin from cannabis. The temperature and pressure you can apply will not be consistent with each extraction. There is also little room for heat adjustment, but assuming you get a decent press you may be able to get a nice yield from your buds.

“A nice yield would be around 10 – 20%”

Let’s use the metric system to get a more precise answer. An ounce of cannabis weighs around 28g so you could expect to get between:

“2.8g – 5.6g of rosin per ounce of cannabis”

It’s worth noting that there is not really an exact science for how much rosin you are going to get from your ounce of invested weed. It depends on the quality of your cannabis and the tech that you use. Plus extractors have their own methods with slight differences in the process. Which can result in different amounts of rosin being produced.

Watch 28g of Cannabis Become 6g Of Rosin

There are a couple of YouTube videos online that show you just how much you can collect from a 28g investment. Check out this video from Rosin Hood, you will see how much he gets from one ounce. It’s probably more than you would think.

Using an ounce of weed may seem a little excessive to some people, but when you consider just how much you get in return, it’s probably cheaper to make your own. It’s quick and easy so I do not see any real benefit from pressing more than one ounce each time. Do not worry about making mistakes or wasting your cannabis because there really is not much room for error.

If you love your dabs, it probably makes sense to start making your own. The more you invest in tech the better the results will be. You just have to weigh up the costs of the various machines on the market and how much you spend currently on rosin dabs.