Cooking With AVB (Already Vaped Bud)

More and more people are falling in love with cooking with AVB. See what makes this great and how easy it is to use it on your favorite snacks!

AVB on Toast

Today we are going to take a look at cooking with AVB. You will gain a little bit more information about AVB, why you might want to cook with it and how you can easily cook with it. Cooking with AVB is awesome! You can hit your stash twice for the same money and if you love vaping weed you’re going to love cooking with it also.

What Is AVB?

Some of you may already know what AVB is, but for those that do not. AVB stands for Already Vaped Bud, it is cannabis that has already been used in a vaporizer. But it can actually be used for cooking afterward. It can make for a great addition to a late night snack to help you fall asleep or even to serve as a little “extra” on your popcorn during movie night. AVB is something that you are always going to get when you vape, so do yourself a favor and stop throwing it away, it’s perfect for cooking. If you like the idea of cooking with cannabis then make sure you check out our cannabis edibles section of the site.

The Different Potency Of AVB

While cooking with cannabis that has been vaped at any temperature is possible. The temperature you are vaping at does actually make a difference to the potency of the AVB. The perfect kind of AVB for all recipes is when it has been vaped at lower temperatures around 375 degrees Fahrenheit (Approx 190 degrees Celsius). If you are vaping your cannabis at hotter temperatures say 410 degrees Fahrenheit (Approx 210 degrees Celsius) then you can still eat it, but it will not be as potent. We think you should enjoy your smoke (vaped) and then re-use the bud. As long as the bud is not burned and black then it’s still good. It is best to experiment with different amounts of AVB when you are cooking or eating your already vaped bud.

Experiment With Toast

As we just said, cooking with AVB is going to require a fair bit of experimentation and practice as everyone’s AVB will have a slightly different potency.

There is a simple way to test your already vaped bud to see how potent it is. Make yourself a slice of peanut butter on toast and gently sprinkle the AVB over the top of it. If you do not like peanut butter try something like jam, chocolate spread or marshmallow fluff. But be aware AVB on toast, doesn’t taste the best.

I would recommend weighing out the AVB first. Start with a measurement of 0.5g. Do not smoke or eat anything else. It can take up to 2 hours before it kicks in and can last for 6 or more hours. If you don’t feel it enough, try again another day with a measurement of 1g. After a few attempts, you will have a good understanding of your personal tolerance and the potency of your already vaped bud.

Many recipes online are dosed at around 1g per serving. For example, often a dish that will be designed for 4 people will contain around 4g of cannabis.

Have Fun With AVB

One of the coolest things about cooking with AVB is that it is just easy to do. There is no cooking involved really as the weed is already cooked thanks to being vaped. So you can just sprinkle it on anything that takes your fancy. Popcorn, trail mix, M&M’s and pretty much anything that your creative brain can come up with. Practice a little with toast first so you get an idea of your personal tolerance.

And make sure if you find some epic combinations or super quick fixes then you need to share it with us below. You can even attach photos in the comments section.

Pro Tip:

Edibles can kick in hard if your dose is too potent. If your feeling too high, you should eat some food, ideally something with some fats. Have a glass of water and find a nice place to lay down. You’re going to feel high for much longer than when you smoke weed so sit tight and relax.