5 Health Benefits Of Cannabis Consumption

There are many health-related benefits related with cannabis consumption. Here you can learn about how you can use this plant on a day to day basis to supplement your health.

Cannabis Consumption

This medicinal plant is used all over the world for reasons such as those contained in this article. I have tried to focus on topics which have verified research as there is a little bit of controversy in the world right now about the potential health benefits of cannabis.

Pain Relief

The medicinal power of cannabis has been known for thousands of years. Most notably is the ability of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in cannabis as a potent analgesic pain reliever. People around the globe commonly utilize this medicinal plant for the treatment of a myriad of conditions including; but no limited to migraines, muscles spasms and chronic inflammatory disorders such as arthritis. Although not yet fully understood, scientists have hypothesized that the plant is so potent as a pain reliever because of its ability to stimulate so many peripheral nerve receptors simultaneously; down-regulating the transfer of pain signals.

Muscle Relaxant

Cannabis is famed around the world for its ability to ‘mellow’ people out… and for good reason! A number of the active components contained in this magical plant enact a highly significant soothing effect on the muscles of the human body. This ability to relax the muscles presents a number of possibilities for casual users, as well as patient populations. For example, cannabis is often prescribed for patients suffering from neurologic conditions such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s. Diseases such as these result in a sporadic activity of the nervous system causing muscles to become tense and even seizure. Cannabis frequently allows these patients to experience relief from their symptoms as it is very effective at relaxing human muscle!


Cannabis has been hailed as an effective, therapeutic remedy for the progressive deterioration of the optic nerve, a condition known as glaucoma. Glaucoma affects the proper functionality of the optic nerve and thus lowers the both the central, but primarily the peripheral vision of those afflicted. Cannabis use however, has demonstrated miraculous effects on subjects affected with this visual pathology. The use of this plant has been shown to lower intraocular pressure i.e. the pressure within the eyeball. This lowering of pressure thereby restricts the mechanical damage to the optical nerve preventing the further degradation of peoples’ vision. Cannabis has been famed for its effective use in preventing a worsening of glaucoma, for over 50 years!


One of the lesser known health benefits of cannabis is its ability to reduce nausea. This plant is prevalently used around the globe as an effective tummy soother making it effective for medical use regarding certain conditions. This is useful for anybody suffering from the effects of a stomach bug. More importantly than this cannabis has recently grown in notoriety for its use specifically for the debilitating effects of nausea in chemotherapy patients. One of the harsher effects of the fight against cancer is the residual symptoms of the chemical treatments used to fight the disease – more specifically, intense nausea and the resultant loss of appetite. Certain cannabinoids contained within this medicinal plant allow relief from nausea and a return of appetite. As such cannabis may provide the key to soothing the tummies of people in all kinds of situations all over the world!


Everybody knows the uplifting effects of cannabis consumption. The plant has the ability to make you feel lighthearted and at ease. It is for this reason the plant has been used for centuries to combat the lulls of depression. The active components contained in the plant can favorably alter the biochemistry of depression and anxiety disorders, allowing a reprieve from ill feelings. It’s no surprise that people around the world ascribe to regular use of this amazing plant, to feelings of relaxation and even euphoria. People regularly use cannabis to experience a little lift, but the medicinal use of this plant is often overlooked. The ability of cannabis to help those who feel blue has more recently begun to spark interest in the scientific community. Finally, the plant’s uplifting power has started to gain medical recognition.