5 Cannabis Advocates You Should Follow On Instagram

Looking for some new people to follow on Instagram? This is my top 5 cannabis advocates that I think every cannabis lover should be following. An awesome line-up of purely awesome people.


I have curated my personal top five cannabis advocates. These guys and girls are working hard to bring cannabis to the masses via education and advocation. They all post some pretty awesome content so let’s show them some love and follow them on Instagram and help push the movement forward.

@BigMike – The Marijuana Don

Michael Straumietis a.k.a @BigMike is the owner of Advanced Nutrients the world’s #1 Cannabis Fertilizer brand. I love BigMike because he keeps shit positive and proves that stoners can be successful, very successful.

A marijuana playboy and living legend who got rich whilst getting stoned on a daily, surrounded by beautiful women, fast cars and mountains of weed. Big Mike is living every stoner’s dream and he shares his crazy life on Instagram. Big Mike has been called the Dan Bilzerian of weed and has earned 1st place on my list of cannabis advocates you should follow on Instagram.

@DrDina420 – The Real Nancy Botwin

Meet Snoop Dogg’s legal weed hookup. @DrDina420 is a cannabis consultant and is probably best known for hooking Snoop up with his first letter of recommendation for the use of medical marijuana. Snoop now enjoys legal weed year after year since 2005 with the help of his long-time friend Dr. Dina.

Dina is one gangster chick and will smoke most guys twice her size under the table. Don’t believe me, watch her get 2 Chainz baked out of his mind in a $500,000 dab session.

The ‘Queen of Medical Marijuana’ who is not a real Doctor has advised people on how to gain access to medical marijuana since 2003. Her consultancy also helps medical marijuana dispensaries with all areas of business and the legality of cannabis.

 @ArjanStrainHunter – The King of Cannabis

@ArjanStrainHunter ‘The King of Cannabis’ has won 38 cannabis cups, that is near twice as many as any other competitor. People including many high profile celebrities like Snoop and Woody Harrelson travel to Amsterdam to meet Arjan and to taste the fruits of his labor.

Arjan Roskam originally from South Africa, now resides in Amsterdam where he owns four Green House Coffe Shops and the Green House Seed Company that ships cannabis seeds all over the world.

Arjan is probably best known as a ‘Strain Hunter’ because of his own hit YouTube channel. Watch Arjan doing what he loves in this Vice documentary about him and his crew as they search for 3 new landraces Limon Verde, Colombian Gold, and Punta Roja.

To call Arjan a cannabis strain hunter is almost criminal because he is so much more that that. Arjan is a businessman, seed collector, grower, entrepreneur, advocate and stoner. I would probably go as far as to call him the ‘Patron Saint of Cannabis’ (for the record he is not) as he certainly has done the Lord’s work spreading cannabis seeds all over the planet.

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@GetHighEveryWhere – Professional Stoner

Adam Ill a.k.a @GetHighEveryWhere hosts his own cannabis talk show also called “Getting High With..” and advocates cannabis by simply being a massive stoner. Regularly quoting his favorite catch phrase and hashtag #imhigherthanyou and a fan of massive blunts he literally gets paid to get stoned and probably is higher than you.

Adam’s show “Getting High With..” airs Thursday at 8:00 pm PST via the breal.tv network which was founded by none other than Cypress Hill. If you like top-shelf terps, celebrity stoners and sweet music then you will love Adam’s show.

Adam started his first show in 2009 titled “The Potcast” and continues to promote himself via podcasts with his new show eloquently named “The Adam and Randy Show”. Partnered with fellow cannabis lover Randy Wang, the duo discuss hot weekly topics and world events.

@CheechAndChong – The Legendary Comedy Duo

@CheechAndChong the comedy duo who should need no introduction. I promised you 5 Instagram cannabis advocates but this last one is a double whammy. Two awesome advocates for the price of one. Perhaps you have never heard of Richard “Cheech” Marin or Tommy Chong. It’s possible if you’re a millennial but these two guys are comedy legends. Now in their seventies and still getting baked on a regular. Cheech and Chong the hit comedy duo formed back in the seventies. Thier Instagram account mostly posts cannabis culture and weed memes, these cannabis advocates are still getting the laughs after all these years.

Cheech and Chong have been advocating cannabis since the sixties and in the late 70’s had a movie hit with ‘Up in Smoke’ which grossed over $44 million dollars and became a cult classic.

This post would get very long if I was to go over everything these guys have done over the years to advocate cannabis. Tommy Chong even went to jail for nine months, was fined $20,000 and had assets seized worth around $120,000. He even had to give up his domain name tommychong.com, Truly criminal. But that hasn’t stopped him pushing the cannabis movement forward. Tommy Chong now has his own line of cannabis products called Chong’s Choice.

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